Jules Remedios Faye is proprietrix of Stern & Faye Letterpress Printers, a letterpress print shop and hand bindery established with her late husband and partner, C. Christopher Stern. Jules began her life's work as a printer and bookmaker at the age of 17 in San Francisco. She worked for several commercial print shops throughout San Francisco and Seattle until 1994, when Chris and Jules moved to Skagit county and began working collaboratively as Stern & Faye, Printers. For many years they published limited edition fine press poetry chapbooks and offered commercial letterpress job-work and hand-binding services. Jules now works primarily as a custom-bookbinder, bookbinding instructor, and book arts coach and consultant for all kinds of bookish projects. She has taught book arts as adjunct instructor at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Western Washington University in Bellingham, and has offered workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest.



kathleen Yvonne Bisagna

"I've always loved books and hand-crafted arts; those tangible objects that carry our stories as well as our silences. Whether through imagery, patterned fiber, or print works, the presence of the maker is felt. In that presence, of hand on paper or loom or press, we receive each other's touch. We connect. From those moments of connection, we glimpse our common humanity."



Kathleen lives in Skagit Valley. A poet and leaded glass artist, with a passion for paper, fiber, and glue, she is active in serving the community and in exploration of art as a vehicle of resiliency and hope.



Our community

Human beings are story tellers. Through our stories, passed along, and collected in books, we inform each other of our senses, what we value, how we ache, how we learn, and of our relationship to the mystery of our existence. Our stories draw us together with common understandings, and also invite us to reach beyond our momentary selves and gathered knowledge, inviting us to wonder and imagine, to participate in a creation that embraces us all, while constantly expanding. Inviting us to take wing.